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    Healthy Lifestyle routine everyone must follow

    The best way to stay healthy is to develop a healthy living system.
    Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent chronic diseases and long-term illness. By focusing on small healthy daily habits and creating ones that we truly enjoy, we are more likely to maintain them for the long-term. Developing healthy daily habits will take time, dedication, and determination, but that does not mean they can’t be done. When we are physically and mentally happy, it’s impossible to feel unhappy.

    Here are some guides for living a healthy lifestyle:

    1. Waking up early – early morning hours tend to be the most productive time of the day because we get uninterrupted time for ourselves.

    2. Drink water right after you wake up and 8 glasses every day – it helps to release toxins and improves the digestive system and keeps our body hydrated.

    3. Exercise – it is vital for staying fit and healthy, improving our overall well being, and helps us to fall less sick.

    4. Breathe fresh air – breathing fresh air cleans our lungs and strengthens our immune system.

    5. Learn to relax – relaxation helps to relieve stress and lower our blood pressure and heart rate.

    6. Maintaining a balanced diet – it helps to keep our body and mind strong and healthy.

    7. Eat sitting down – it helps to improve our digestion process.

    8. Take a walk – it helps to boost our energy, improve our mood,mental clarity.

    9. Take a bath – it removes bacteria and healthy oil from the skin. Bathing every day can cause dry
    skin, itchy skin.

    10. Reading everyday – it improves our brain connectivity.

    11. Cleaning every day – a clean home leaves fewer places for germs and bacteria to hide. It also decreases frustration, improves efficiency, and can serve as a catalyst for further change.

    12. Going to bed early – boosts our energy for the next day making us feel refreshed and energetic.

    13. Sleeping for 7-8 hours – lowers our risk for serious health problems, improves our mood, and reduces stress.

    14. Quitting bad habits – not indulging in bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc., helps us breathe easier, gives us more energy, and makes us healthy and fit.

    15. Meditation – it helps to gain a new perspective on stressful situations, focus on the present, build skills to manage our stress, and increase self-awareness.

    Besides these few routine, there are other ways where we can have a healthy lifestyle, such as:

    1. Respect and be polite to everyone.

    2. Compliment and make someone’s day. But say only when we mean it.

    3. Wish good night to the loved ones. Give hugs.

    4. Use the words thank you and please often.

    5. Smile even more often.