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    How to keep yourself motivated every time

    There are many things which can helps us be motivated everyday:

    1. Goal setting – we should set our tasks that are right on the edge of our current abilities. Not too hard and not too easy. If our goal is too hard, it will lose its power as we consciously or unconsciously determine it’s just unrealistic. If we set our goal too low, it will also lose its power as we will assume we’ll hit it no matter what.

    2. Reduce distractions – When we have easily accessible distractions all around us then it becomes hard to focus.

    3. Get motivated from others – we should spend more time with people who are positive, enthusiastic, or motivated and let their energy flow over to us. We should not limit ourselves to just the motivation we can get from the people closest to us. We should read motivational quotes, books, or watch vlogs, podcasts, etc., on motivation.

    4. Play music that gives us energy – one of the simplest things we can do when we feel low in energy or motivation is to play the music that is upbeat and/or inspires us in some way.

    5. Find the optimism – Pessimism can drain both our motivation and energy. By looking at things positively and in a constructive way can energize and keep us motivated.

    6. Be constructive about failures – when we stumble, we should learn from those failures or mistakes and ask ourselves, “what is the one thing I can learn from this setback?” or “where did I go wrong?”. Then we should keep the lesson and improve what we need to do.

    7. Compare ourselves to ourselves – instead of comparing ourselves with others and deflating our motivation, we should look at how far we have come.

    8. Compete in a friendly way – When we’re in school make it a friendly competition with a friend to for example finish a boring or routine task first. This element can liven up the competition.

    9. Reducing our to-do list – An over-stuffed to-do list can be a real motivation killer. We can finish more tasks in a day if we have about 3-4 things on our to-do list.

    10. Take breaks – working non-stop drains our daily motivation. Taking a break in between helps us to feel fresh and motivated to do more.

    11. Being grateful for what we have – When motivation is running low then it’s easy to start seeing our life and the aspects of it through a negative lens. Instead, we should put our focus on what we have or who we are and recharging ourselves with positive motivation.

    12. Rewarding ourselves and celebrating our success – if we celebrate our success by rewarding ourselves or telling someone about our success, it recharges our motivation and positivity.