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    Top 10 Best Sports Games of 2021


    1. Football – it is also known as soccer in America and is the most famous sport. It is the most dominating game when compared based on fans or television views. Almost half of the world population consider themselves as a fan of football. All over the world, people sit in front of the television to watch football leagues or the FIFA world cup. Football is one of the highest-paid sports and is most prevalent in countries like Europe, Asia, Africa, etc.

    2. Cricket – it is also known as a “Gentleman’s Sport”. This game is popular in India, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, etc, And it is expanding on a large scale when compared with other games. The famous cricket tournaments include IPL, ICC world cup. This game is not high-paying as compared to football.

    3. Basketball – the most famous tournament of this sport is NBA (National Basketball League). It is one of the most highest paying leagues in the world where the average salary is around 3 million USD. Basketball is mostly American- based but it is also popular in countries like China, the Philippines, etc.

    4. Hockey – there are two types of hockey- ice hockey and field hockey. Field hockey is played in a field and it is widely popular in a large number of countries. Ice hockey is played on ice and it is
    not widespread.

    5. Tennis – tennis is different from other games, it is either played individually or in teams. It is played in developed countries like Europe, America, and some Asian countries. Its fan base is about 1 billion people all around the world.

    6. Volleyball – Volleyball was invented by W. G. Morgan. This is a game of two teams with six players in each team. It is an interesting and highly exciting game and it has a fan base of 900 million people all around the world.

    7. Table Tennis – it is also known as ping pong in some countries. There are some similarities between tennis and table tennis. The only difference is that table tennis is played on a table. It is an indoor game and it is played in a lot of countries.

    8. Baseball – it is popular in the United States and has a huge fan base in Japan, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and some other countries. This is a high-paying sport with an average of 4 million. It is played by a bat and a ball similar to cricket.

    9. Rugby – it is popular in Spain and France and it has a fan base of approximately 400 million people. It includes tournaments like the Rugby World Cup and Olympic Competition.

    10. Golf – this game is called “The rich man’s game” because of the expenses. The highest paid golf player earns around 50 million USD. Golf is famous in countries like Scotland, Europe, etc.