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    Top 40 exercises to keep yourself healthy

    The top 40 exercises to keep yourself healthy are as follow:

    1. Walking – taking a walk for 20-mins during the day helps to clear our mind.

    2. Jogging – it makes more demand on our body than walking.

    3. Swimming – it helps to reduce weight if we swim at a steady and continuous pace.

    4. Dancing – it is an aerobic activity that improves our balance and co-ordination.

    5. Badminton – it is an aerobic activity that works on your lower and upper body.

    6. Rocket jumps – it helps to gain quick bursts of speed, reach normally unobtainable heights, secure positional advantages.

    7. Squats – it helps to build our leg muscles.

    8. Jumping jacks – strengthen bones, and improve cardiovascular fitness and heart health.

    9. Skipping – it boosts mental health, decreases belly fat, strengthening our bones.

    10. Stretching – it enhances the range of motion of joints.

    11. Plank – it helps to work on total-body stability as it engages your entire core, plus your shoulders and upper back.

    12. Glute bridge – it helps not only to mobilize the hip joint but also strengthen the glutes.

    13. Row – it builds a strong back.

    14. Push-ups – it strengthen the lower back and shoulder.

    15. Pull-up – it improve overall body strength and fitness level.

    16. Lunges – it strengthen our core, bottom and legs.

    17. Wide arm-stretching – it strengthens our chest, shoulders, and back.

    18. Seated leg raise – it helps the abdominal and strengthens our thigh muscles.

    19. Stairs climbing – it helps our lower body.

    20. Crunches – it focus on abdominal muscles.

    21. Backstretch – it relaxes strained back muscles, along with muscles of arms and shoulders.

    22. Overhead shoulder stretch – it helps strengthen the muscles.

    23. Side leg raise – it strengthen and tone the muscles of the hips and inner thighs.

    24. Pilates – improve flexibility.

    25. Burpees – it builds muscles strength.

    26. Bent-over Row – this helps all our major muscles, as well as the biceps.

    27. Contralateral limb raises – it targets glutes and hip flexors.

    28. Squat jumps – improve upper and lower body.

    29. Hip rotations – it strengthen the hip external rotators.

    30. Single leg stand – it improves our balance.

    31. Cobra – it strengthen the spine.

    32. Russian twist – improve body balance and help us to keep in shape.

    33. High knees – it helps to improve our inner thighs and outer hips area.

    34. Dead bugs – improves body flexibility.

    35. Sit-ups – builds muscle strength in the abdominal and hip muscles.

    36. Minute Downward Dog – strengthen the arms and shoulder.

    37. Seconds Superman – increase abs strength.

    38. Standing calf raises – improve stability and balance.

    39. Tricep dips – strengthen muscles in the shoulders, chest, and triceps.

    40. Cycling – not only does it reduce our carbon footprint but it also helps us to stay fit.