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    Which one is better Cricket or Football?

    Football is better than cricket and it is a beautiful game. It is played all around the world and it has 208 associations, whereas cricket has only 105, out of which only 10 are heard of.

    Football is better than cricket for the following reasons

    1. Does not require much equipment – in football only a ball, a pair of shoes and a field is needed. Whereas in cricket we need equipment such as a bat, ball, stumps, gloves, helmets, etc.

    2. All weathered sports- cricket cannot be played when there is rain or if the heat is too hot. The cricketers will moan about the difficulties of playing in the rain, heat, humidity, bad light, etc. But this is not the case for football, even if there’s rain or hail the game will go on.

    3. Timing – in football to declare the winner only takes about 90 mins at the most but in cricket, it can take 5-6 hours and in some cases even days.

    4. Clothes – in cricket, the cricketers have to wear full white to ensure the red cricket ball is visible for all players. Whereas in football we can wear any color jerseys, socks, shoes, etc. Making it an attractive game.

    5. Stamina – in cricket only one guy runs while the others stand and wait. Whereas in football everyone except the goalkeeper runs after the ball this requires a lot of stamina and energy and in turn, it benefits our health and makes us fit and healthy.

    6. Umpire and referees – in cricket the umpire decides whether it’s a 6 or 4 or an out just by standing in one place. If that one Umpire cannot decide he’ll inquire from the nest then to the third which is a waste of time. But in football the referee run where the ball is, they have to decide fouls or penalties and do all of this while running.

    7. Purist and capitalist game – while watching cricket there is an ad break after every over or wicket which is an interruption during the game. Cricket is said to be a capitalist game as right from the clothes to the bat is like for Sale. Whereas in football we get ads only after 45 mins halves without any interruption.

    8. Team spirit – in cricket sometimes a single batsman will play for the entire innings then the others will feel left out and completely useless. That’s why cricket is called “a gentleman’s game”. In football, the players have a team spirit they pass the ball from one player to another they give chances to their team so that no one will feel left out and they also have cooperation and coordination.